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Fire Watch Service

Security Guard Services

Fire watch security guard on his duty

Fire Watch Services

Starnet Security Inc is a security agency that provides fire watch officers for businesses and organizations. Our guards are highly trained and experienced, and we provide our clients with the peace of mind knowing that their property and personnel are being protected by the best in the business.

Construction Site Security

Our Armed Guards services are available for all sorts of protocols. We make sure to provide expert bouncers and bodyguards who are armed with the latest variety of ordnance. These augmented and equipped experts are there for clients who trust our services to protect themselves. Contact Starnet Security!

Starnet security guard infant of warehouse smiling

Warehouse Security Guards

We provide a notable event security solution for almost all types of exclusive events. Our customized security is designed to fulfill your requirements. These customized security services are designed with an exceptional fortified course. Contact Starnet Security!


Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are an important part of a successful security strategy. Not only does their presence serve as a barrier, but the patrollers’ quick response times guarantee better protection of your facilities and assets against criminal acts.

Security guard in uniform patrolling residential area

Temporary Security Services

Sometimes you need security for a short period of time for special events, one time events, or emergency situations. We can provide security guards for a short time also. We can always provide the perfect guards for your needs and requirements, giving you the security you deserve

Man terminating the action

Employee Termination

We here at Starnet Security Services help you terminate your employee without incident. As the need for employee termination services assistance continues to increase in the US, it is essential that companies & directors contract a termination team with the required expertise to handle employee and workplace violence.