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We have worked over the past 10 years to achieve that goal, and we are confident in the caliber of our work. For a variety of reasons, including our customer service, access control, tenant services, emergency response and preparedness, and more, we receive a lot of clients throughout the Bay Area, including San Jose, CA. With crucial elements like system integration, customer interactions, and law enforcement communications, we prioritize the safety and security of our clients. Every client receives tailored security since we are aware that every area and building is unique and that some services may be more important to you than others.


Personal Security

The presence of a personal security guard deters and prevents crimes from occurring on your property by putting a security guard on duty...

Unarmed Security Guards

Your employees' and property's safety and security will be ensured by unarmed Guards who will be vigilant and visible. Protective Eye only.

On Site Construction Security

Your top concern is obviously to keep both the general public and your staff safe from construction dangers. Allow Starnet Security to protect your location from the additional threats that come with your employment.

Armed Security Guards

In circumstances where more than a uniform will suffice to do the task, armed security is advised. Starnet Security takes great satisfaction in being.

Mobile Patrol Services

The fundamentals are covered, along with everything else, by trained professionals who patrol and monitor. Minimizing and discouraging

Private Security

A private security officer's presence deters and stops crimes from happening on your premises and for your privacy.


There are several advantages to hiring private protection, some of which are as follows: - Taking advantage of 24-hour protection - Preventing a crime from ever taking place - Saving thousands of dollars for your company or yourself - Knowing that experts can act promptly in an emergency - Being able to provide your family, your clients, and tenants piece of mind

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